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CTL Ambassadors from various schools

CTL Ambassadors from various schools

Imagine an emerging group of student leaders who were exemplary role models, promising visionaries, and community builders.  Student leaders who passionately believes that change is possible and that it starts with them.  The Center for Tomorrow's Leaders Schools program empowers Hawaii's next generation of leaders to do just that. 


The CTL Ambassadors program offers a leadership development course for diverse leaders.  Students are individually nominated by administrators and teachers, and are given one class credit upon completion of the course.  The framework is research-based and comprehensive, and based on core ethical values.   If your school is interested in partnering with CTL's Schools program, please call or email us at [email protected].

"The CTL program provided valuable training to our student leaders.  Through this course, our students gained a sense of self as a leader and gained an appreciation of the kuleana one has as a leader in the school and within the community."  

                                                                                                                                                                                          -Cheryl Yamamoto, Dean of Students, Kamehameha Schools

“CTL's leadership training has been specialized, engaging, and extraordinarily valuable for our students, as well as for me as a teacher-leader.  I am consistently impressed by the quality of the CTL staff and their ability to connect with and inspire a wide range of student leaders to become change agents in our school and community.  I am grateful for the chance to partner with CTL and know that the skills and mindsets our students have developed will be impactful for years to come." 

                           -Maggie Desmond, Former Coordinator, New Tech Academy, Nanakuli HS

“The Center for Tomorrow's Leaders is truly the most comprehensive leadership preparation program in Hawaii for high school students.”

                           -Caroline Wong, Former Principal, Hawaii State DOE


1. 85% of students said they were part of creating a school vision they cared deeply about

2.  94% of students said they felt empowered to make a difference in the community.   

3. At McKinley High School, none of the students previously held leadership titles. After the course, 60% entered into formal leadership roles.

4. At Nanakuli High School, students crafted a vision statement describing one day hearing every name called at graduation - they recorded it on a radio spot for local stations.

Program Goals

1. Student Engagement: The course is designed to expand the leadership capacity of each student. In doing so, they are inspired to take responsibility for their school’s future.

2. Culture Change: The course creates a platform for students to participate as advocates of school-wide change.

3. Collective voice: Competent and passionate student leaders should be a significant player in educational reform, and this program creates the mechanism to hear their collective voice.

Curricular Framework

CTL’s framework is the 5 Exemplary Practices of Leadership® which are based on The Leadership Challenge. They include:

Model the Way – how leaders identify and exemplify values

Inspire a Shared Vision – how leaders craft and communicate inspiring visions

Challenge the Process – how leaders see with new eyes to courageously innovate

Enable Others to Act – how leaders build strong teams and build new leaders

Encourage the Heart – how leaders sustain momentum by celebrating accomplishment

CTL’s framework is the The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® described in The Student Leadership Challenge by  James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner 

The Lokahi Project: Senior Prom Event (Click for more info)

The Lokahi Project: Senior Prom Event (Click for more info)

CTL Connecting The Leaders Day - McKinley Ambassadors

CTL Connecting The Leaders Day - McKinley Ambassadors