Fellows' Student-Led Projects


The Canvas is a motivational and stimulating safe-space for students to express their creativity, develop their critical thinking, get inspired, and pursue their passions. We wanted to put learning under a new light and work with students to uncover the true value of learning.

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Fahrenheit73 is a student-run organization aimed at addressing the uncomfortable temperatures that many students face in the classroom.

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H3 stands for Highway to Healthy Hawaii. It is a startup program that aimed to create a good learning environment for students in both elementary and middle school during non-school hours in which they can be physically active and mentally prepared to make good and healthy decisions for a better lifestyle. 

This project aims to connect landlords and Catholic Charities Hawaii in order to provide homes for the homeless population. We planned a summit where we offered the landlords a place to network while informing them of the benefit of the Housing First Program, how it’s connected to the states plan and how it benefits the community.